Author Bio

Henriette (Brekelmans) MacArthur was born in Holland and although she has lived most of her life here in Canada, she has remained bilingual. She spent her childhood on a farm and still continues to live the country life with her husband, raising two children that are her pride and joy. She has worked in many different areas over the past 20 years, spending the majority of her work career with elderly people that were compromised by many different conditions, including Alzheimer's disease. Then she turned 40! After reassessing some ‘next moves’ in her life, this is where she’s ended up… so far.

The story behind "Henry and Harriet"

My Mom passed away very suddenly in the year 2000. She was an anchor to our family and we all reeled after she left us. In the aftermath, my daughter, who is a very analytical little girl, had so many questions. I could not find a story that was general enough to apply to our circumstances yet specific enough to apply to her emotions and questions. At the time, my daughter was very fascinated with butterflies and that provided an excellent metaphor to address her questions and feelings. The result is this story.

There could be no tribute more appropriate to my Mom…she so loved books and of course, her grandkids.

Why I wrote "Beaver Tales"

For many years I have worked with people who have been compromised with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. I have learned so much from my time with them.  As well, I have taught elementary school children about Alzheimer's disease and through that, became familiar with their most common questions, misconceptions and fears and realized a need for this book.  It is with the greatest respect for the folks I have had the honour of helping that I put this book into the world.