Two beavers splashing in the water

Beaver Tales Encourages Sharing

We're proud to have the endorsement of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. Here's what Shelley Green, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford had to say about Beaver Tales:

“Beaver Tales is a sensitive look at Alzheimer’s disease through the perspective of the animal world. Children of all ages can be significantly impacted through the experience of having a family member or friend with the disease. Helping children to understand the disease is a very important step to improving their relationship with the relative who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder. Within Beaver Tales, Henriette MacArthur has captured the emotion and the experiences of children who have someone in their family with this disease very beautifully. It is very encouraging to have Beaver Tales made available to young children who will benefit from the learning and the sharing with their parents this book will encourage.”

insects on leaves from the book Henry and Harriet

Why share "Henry and Harriet" with a child?

When someone dies, children deserve, and need, more than sugar-coated answers.

While any story would have trouble covering every possible aspect of a subject as complicated as death, this one does address a great realm of emotions and questions.

The attempt was to tackle the overwhelming subject of death in a story that is not specific to the age or circumstances of the person who died and which would be an acceptable book to people of many different beliefs.

The story attempts to give hope for the life after while also explaining that it’s very acceptable and not uncommon to feel grief none-the-less.

Few subjects touch all of our lives eventually like this one does. It is hoped that "Henry and Harriet" will help during that time but it is also a great idea to share this story before it is needed.

This book can become a special gift for a child by personalizing who it is for and who it is in memory of on the page provided inside.