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Many times children feel alone under adverse conditions and a book can help them to find comfort. It is particularly important to find the right book when times are tense.

A book that gives a message that you, as an adult, are happy with while helping to validate and comfort the child. The right book is a great platform for adults to start conversation with children, a task often difficult when emotions are high and the topic is sensitive. The right book is a great tool for children because they can read it as many or as few times as they need and they can read it when they want to.

Cover images of Henry and Harriet and Beaver Tales

We feel we’ve created the right books. Our stories are told through the characters of animals. This allows children to remove themselves a little bit from the immediate issue, just enough so that conversation and understanding happen more easily. Children are often very literal. They may feel a story about an “old lady” has nothing to do with their Grandpa…animals help make the stories applicable to many situations. We have been told that the setting of nature is calming and comforting as well. There are many words that are not used in our stories but are implied, giving the adult more room to influence the message. Circumstances are not too specific so the story is usually applicable to the situation at hand.

So far we have approached two subjects that filled niches we found through our own experiences. The first book, “Henry and Harriet” addresses the subject of death and the feelings that surround it. Our second project, “Beaver Tales” helps to better explain Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Please click on the ‘books’ link to learn more about each story.

Our intent, as always is to provide books that help understanding grow.

Look Inside...Then Decide

Now you can preview both books in PDF format, just click on the book cover thumbnails below to view each book.

Cover of Henry and Harriet Cover of Beaver Tales